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How to choose top flowers for your wife/girlfriend?

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The flower is the symbol of love. Whenever you want to express love to someone special in your life, whenever there is an occasion in anyone’s life, a bouquet of flowers is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. If you wish to do something special for your girlfriend or wife just because or for a special occasion; flowers shops in the best place to go. Gifting flowers may sound easy until you reach the shop and there are hundreds of varieties of flower delivery Calgary  staring at you labeled with their scientific names to make you even more confused. The main thing while buying flowers is buying the one that calls out to you. However, when you are new to romance, you might want to put some thoughts into buying the flowers.

When buying flowers, more random the timing, better will be the results. Imagine giving your wife or your girlfriend flowers unexpectedly. It will make her day. Just send her flowers with a sweet note like “These pretty flowers reminded me of you.”

Gifting your girlfriend and wife flowers on their birthday is also a fun idea. No one has ever said “you ruined my birthday with these flowers” so gift her flowers and she will really feel special.  It is cliché to gift flower on Valentine’s Day. Everyone sees them coming, and they are super priced during this day.

If you want to choose a specific flower to gift your girlfriend or wife, here are some of the flowers that are ideal for her:


Carnation symbolizes fascination which is why it is an ideal flower for your loved one. Carnation flowers come in a variety of colors as well as they can be dyed into any color of your preference. As each color has different meanings so choose the color which conveys the meaning that you want to be conveyed. Besides, they are hard cut flowers that last around three weeks.


Orchids come in over 25,000 different kinds along with different forms and colors, but they all are equally pleasing. Some unique orchids look like monkey faces, bees, and humans. Orchids are also useful as they are used in the production of vanilla beans. The orchids represent various meanings of love seduction, beauty, and refinement. Orchid is an exotic flower that is perfect for gifting to your lover.


Red tulips symbolize love. Just like other flowers, the different color of tulip represents different meaning. Tulip can grow in water even after they have been cut. They are also 11th wedding anniversary flower. The heart shaped stigma in the middle of the flower symbolizes a lover’s heart darkened by passion.


Send your loved one a bouquet of lilies along with a note saying “You are beautiful.” The striking ‘Star Gazer’ oriental lily is one of the best choices that have deep fuchsia along with black spot and white edges. Obviously, there are many other lilies that you can choose from. Calla lilies look quite elegant and beautiful. Generally, you will see lilies in all colors except black and blue.

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