Packing Tips

How to Pack Properly in Preparation To Move

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Migration requires time, budget and planning. When you move to a place, you need to be prepared enough to face the new environment that you will be adapting. Before this happens, you need to prepare your way to move out. Below are tips that will guide you on how to packing and moving things properly for your own convenience.

List Of Moving Tips

  1. Gather your things. Prepare the things that you need to bring with you. Separate your belongings. Distinguish personal items such as clothing, hygiene items, accessories, laptop/personal computer to the smallest detail.
  2. Prepare your containers. Prepare boxes in which you will be placing your things. Gather them in sizes so that it will be easier for you to categorize things as where you would put them. Mark them as to what kind of things are intended for them.
  3. Set a place for them. These boxes should be placed in one common area. You might need a small room in your house or your garage will do. Keeping them in one place makes it convenient when the day of the move out comes. This space should be intended just for these boxes. There is no extra hassle on your end if you know where you place them. A strategic location for these containers will help you save time in transporting them out of your home.
  4. Don’t leave space when packing your things. You should not pack air. Exhaust every space available in your package. That is why you are to categorize each item for an easier and more convenient way of packing things.
  5. Separate your equipment. Laptops, Desktop computer, kitchen equipment, etc. should be packed separately. These items are fragile and needs extra care. Be sure to mark their containers well. You can write a note or draw with a marker, letting other people know that they are fragile.
  6. Keep them high. If you have children at home make sure you let them know not to touch the boxes that have been packed. You need them to keep them out of reach so that they will be secured. Children might unpack them or your items might harm your children. This is to avoid starting over in your work.
  7. Start early. When it is time to move them out in the house, start moving those heavy items. Books, equipment and fragile items need to be moved out first. Same with unpacking; they need to be unpacked first in your new place to avoid accidents.
  8. Clear the way. Clear the floor and don’t block the door when moving these boxes out of your house.
  9. Use Trash bags. For those things that are not needed when you move out, use trash bags to contain them. This will be your clue that they will be going into the trash when you’re done moving out.


  1. Don’t forget your Checklist. You need to create a check list when packing for each item. This checklist will serve as your guide if things are appropriately placed in each box. Unpacking them in your new place will become easier if you have the list of items that are placed in each box.


These things will make your moving out a real success. Keep this inmind to ensure that you have all that you needed when you move out.