How to Choose a Good Moving Company


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Calgary Movers can help with your next big move! The steps to finding a good and suitable Calgary mover can be tiresome. But making some deal of research is worth the wait. Make a canvass first before you decide the moving company you will spend your money on. Scams are all around. Be wise enough not to gamble on anything when you already know the risk you need to take. Bear in mind that by hiring them you are giving your trust for your property. We’ve already heard a lot of criticisms from different moving companies. At least before you lay your cards on the table, know that you have chosen a good moving company. Below are some tips on how to choose a good mover.

Research Movers


A little research on the internet for these movers will do you no harm. Search for reviews and feedbacks online. You sure will find something that will interest you. You can visit the office and meet with the personnel and staff. Their treatment towards you as their potential customer matters. You can see it for yourself.

Seek Moving Company Recommendations

– The best way to weigh moving companies is to ask your colleagues who have already experienced their service. You can also visit different moving companies’ websites. Your friend or a friend of your friend might know some moving companies and you can avail discounts from them. You can save money if you know well how to find them in a cost-effective way. You need to plan ahead of time. Allocate a time frame to come up with a decision on the company you are going to trust your items and belongings to.

Meet with the  Moving agent

– By the time that you have already identified at least three moving companies that you want to hire, meet the agent of each company. Discuss with them how they will do the job. Ask relevant questions as to who will manage the overall job and who will move the items. This is the time to ask about their insurance policies and payment policies. You can as well test their credibility in the industry.

Do your part Packing

– Finally, since you have already identified and chosen the moving company who will transport your things, it is time for you to do your part in the process. Categorize those items that need to be moved. Mark them as to how valuable they are to you. Emphasize special items to the people who will move them. Express what you want to do with the items and how movers are going to handle them. Let yourself be heard and be understood. Know exactly the address of the new place.  Discuss with them the pathway to your new location so that they can help in clearing the way.

The moving company should be able to provide you a detailed estimate of everything you have covered for them within 48 hours. This information includes the location of the new home, the time and the date of the movement, the number of boxes and the items in each of these boxes. They will also give you a time frame of the movement and the head count of the people who will do the job. Choosing a good moving company is important. Choose well and learn from other’s mistakes.